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About Us

Private Mirrors is a Psychotherapy practice and mind wellness hub, dedicated to providing the best of mental health support for you to thrive in various aspects of your life. 

Therapy can seem like a scary concept to many who are new to it, our aim therefore is to ease you into it, right from the initial intake session, where we collaborate with you in drawing up the right treatment plan and goals tailored to you.

In sessions, you will learn to recognise and acknowledge unhealthy patterns of behaviour, emotional management and thinking. As we learn to come up with healthy coping mechanisms, you will slowly embrace a non-judgemental approach towards yourself and adopt new attitudes.

We understand the complexities of being and will aid you in exploring yours as you navigate and learn to better deal with life's challenges.

Our services are not limited to individuals, as we also cater to corporate organisations for employee wellbeing.

Psychological Services

Guidance on every step of the way in understanding and navigating;

  • Grief

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Existential Crisis(Loss of meaning)

  • Self Esteem and Confidence Issues

  • Trauma & Stress Management

Therapy Office Space

Individual Therapy

Holding Hands

Couples Therapy

Staff engaging in workshop

Employee Wellbeing ( for corporate organisations)

Corporate Clients

and Successful Collaborations

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I loved the approach. I felt like I had a choice throughout and a welcoming space to express my feelings. I'm not broken and in need of fixing, rather I'm going through a difficult time and in need of tools to help me through.
I always left the session feeling more hopeful.
I've learnt a lot and I'm excited about the future.
Thank you!


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